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Committed to positive change

A note from our CEO

Mycovia’s mission to effect positive change is strengthened by values that are rooted firmly throughout our work. Our company is best supported when all employees, consultants, contractors, vendors, and other collaborators share these values. Our values run deep, providing support for growth, allowing Mycovia to reach into our global and local communities.

Our values drive us to soar beyond expectations:

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This Code of Conduct (the “Code”) describes some of the things that we do at Mycovia, and also describes how we conduct business and who we are as a company. Mycovia is a company that is committed to abide by the codes, guidelines, regulations, and laws applicable to our business.

We are dedicated to honorable intentions and ethical operations.
We are responsible to our stakeholders, and we are inspired by patients and driven to serve them.

Living this Code won’t always be easy. There will be times that living the Code will involve hard conversations, uncompromising honesty, difficult choices, and personal accountability. The Code is about setting high standards and meeting high expectations. It is about the quality of our work and our interactions with the industry, our community, and each other. The Code is about the contributions that individuals and teams can make to Mycovia and our mission . . . it is about the ability for Mycovia to serve the greater good.

Patrick Jordan

Please take the time to review this Code to understand our values.

Thank you for your commitment to this Code and to Mycovia
– Patrick Jordan, CEO